Audition Now for Live Theatre

Looking for actors, musicians, acrobats, magicians, puppeteers, and dancers!

Theatre Across Borders is partnering with El Paso County Parks this summer to produce socially distant theatrical hikes for families.

Magic of the Marsh will take audiences on a journey of mystery, discovery, fantasy, and humor – featuring the talents of local Colorado Springs performers.

Show opens July 11. All roles paid.

Please submit your video audition by Sunday, June 7, at 10:00 pm.

Show Synopsis (subject to change)
The hidden creatures of The Marsh are usually just that… hidden! But ever since the balance was broken, the creatures can be seen by human eyes. Luckily, our rebellious guide has made a discovery that will restore balance and keep the magic safe. But she needs your help! You must be bold and cunning in order to outwit the troll, entice the great beast of the tall grasses, charm the prince, and even jog the old witch’s memory. Do you have what it takes before it is too late? 

What Is a Theatre Hike?
Audience members, limited to groups of 10-12 people (in adherence with COVID-19 regulations), will begin the nature hike at a scheduled time. As they encounter different characters, each actor performs a short scene. The audience moves on, and a new group arrives shortly after to watch the same scene.

By the time the audience reaches the end of the hike, they will have seen an entire show!

Since this is an interactive performance, we are looking for performers who are excited to play off an audience and improvise when necessary.

Directors: Tierra Izzo and Melissa (Law) O’Rear

Rehearsals begin June 15.

Scheduled performances two Saturdays, July 11 and 25 (additional dates negotiable). Actors will need to be available all day.

Audition Details
Please submit a 2-3 minute video that exemplifies your skills as a performer.
Do you have a magic trick?
Do you operate puppets?
Is there a comedic monologue you’ve been working on?
Can you play the banjo?
We’d love to see what you bring to the table.

If you need inspiration, show us Lewis Carroll’s “The Jabberwocky” in a creative light. Use your talents! Put it to music, movement or just as yourself.

Record your video (no editing, please… we need to see how you work live) in .mp4 format. We recommend using Screencast-O-Matic or Screencastify. Make sure you state your full name in the recording. After you perform, tell us what excites you about this project!

Send the video file to In your email, please note:
1. your availability for performance dates (July 11 and 25)
2. general availability for rehearsals
3. any special performance skills (dance, puppetry, instruments, etc.)

If available, please also include your resume, acting reel, head shot and performance website.

Audition videos are due Sunday, June 7, at 10:00 pm. Don’t miss out!

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