Theatre Across Borders

Magic of the Marsh

July 11-25, 2020

Written and directed by Melissa O’Rear and Tierra Izzo

Barnelby the Bard Jim Hayes
Mitsy the Minstrel________Ben Bodnar
Mallow, Witch of Growth Barbara Summerville
Hogweed the GoblinCyndi Parr
Princess BlushSarah Atkinson
MarigoldSarah Holman
DahliaNaomi White
LilyEllia Rockey
Grandfather TreeThomas Jancis
Beast of the Tall GrassRyan Wilkes
Harnick the FiddlerRichard Sebastian-Coleman
Mire, Witch of DecayPaige Wood Reilly
Costumes Lady Lórien Designs
________Bronwyn and Sarah Holman
Makeup Tierra Izzo
Lady Lórien Designs
Puppets and CreaturesKristin Dalleske Productions
Props and SetLady Lórien Designs
Puzzle BridgeJoe and Megan O’Rear
Poster ArtBrandon Ruiter
PromotionsStephen O’Rear

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SARAH ATKINSON (Blush) is ecstatic to be part of this interactive experience with a phenomenal team! She is amazed by the theatre community and its commitment to offer live performance, no matter the obstacles. Sarah would like to thank her mom, best friend Claire, and boyfriend Riley for their love and support!

BEN BODNAR (Mitsy) is a recent high school graduate excited to expand into a new world of theatre. He is equally excited about the change of pace this show provides to both actors and audiences, and anticipates that “Magic of the Marsh” will be a unique and memorable experience.

JIM HAYES (Barnelby) is excited to be making his debut with Theatre Across Borders and returning to the “stage” (albeit a nature park) after 53 years. Having recently retired from the legal field, Jim has continued his training with acting classes at Denver Center for Performing Arts and singing lessons at Forte Academy.

SARAH HOLMAN (Marigold) is in 7th grade at The Colorado Springs School. She has been acting and singing her whole life. Her favorite role was Sam in “Skirmish at the Grand Review,” where she played a girl pretending to be a boy in the Confederate Army. When not acting, Sarah enjoys volleyball, basketball, riding her bike, hanging out with friends and drawing. She is excited to join this fantastic cast for her first professional gig.

THOMAS JANCIS (Grandfather Tree) is a writer and performer based in the UK. He has an MA from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in Advanced Theatre Practice. Current projects include: “Something in the Water,” a solo show about the ocean taking revenge, and “Circus in a Bottle” with Trajectory Theatre, an augmented reality experience. He is also developing “Blue,” an immersive retelling of Bluebeard, with Artists Anonymous.

CYNDI PARR (Hogweed) has performed on Colorado stages for twenty years. She is the program director and co-founder of Dragon Theatre Productions. Cyndi is currently a board member for the Rocky Mountain Puppetry Guild and recently was the emcee for the Rocky Mountain Puppet Slam at the Denver Performing Arts Complex. More information at:

PAIGE WOOD REILLY (Mire) is returning to the stage after doing a whole bunch of other stuff that can mostly be described as “Clowning Around 4 a Living.” She is grateful to be here, glad you are here, and hopeful that the play ends well. For all of us. Thanks, too, to the Jons…

ELLIA ROCKEY (Lily) is a 6th grader at The Classical Academy. She began acting and dancing at age 6 and has performed with Dance Art Academy, Colorado Ballet Society and numerous school talent shows. She enjoys baking, drawing and playing the ukulele. Her next endeavor is to get a turtle, but the jury (mom) is still out on that one.

RICHARD SEBASTIAN-COLEMAN (Harnick) is a writer and actor in the Colorado Springs theater community, member of Star Bar Players and Counterweight Theatre Lab. His short play, “There’s Room on Top” was featured in the 2019 Samuel French Off Off Broadway Play Festival. He plays second violin in the Pikes Peak Philharmonic.

BARBARA SUMMERVILLE (Mallow) is excited to be part of “Magic of the Marsh,” just when she thought theatre was over until 2021. She was last seen in SET’s productions of “Strangers on a Train” and “The Moors” and Funky Little Theatre Company’s “Doublewide Texas Christmas.” Thank you to Stephen and Hermione for being with me in this mysterious time.

NAOMI WHITE (Dahlia) is going into 6th grade. She loves acting and has been in several school plays including “Aladdin,” “Mystery at the Museum” and “Sparkleville.” In her free time, Naomi enjoys painting, pottery, soccer, mountain biking and baking. She would like to thank Mrs. O’Rear for passing on her passion for acting, teaching her, and allowing her to audition for this play.

RYAN WILKES (Beast) is a puppeteer and creature performer living in Denver. His work as lead puppeteer in Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal fan film competition, assisted in winning the grand prize. This work has been featured at the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts and the New York Museum of Moving Image.

TIERRA IZZO (Writer/Director) is a deviser, performer, dramaturg and entrepreneur. She graduated with distinction from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, where she devised Risen by Leveluvwu; Here We Come Together, Here We Fall Apart; Cumulus; Performance A: CAGE; No.1; Performance B: Bespoken Moments; and When You Were Born A Storm Rolled In. Tierra founded Artists Anonymous theatre company with her husband, Nick Izzo. They debuted Night Terrors at the Rosemount Museum in 2019. She is also a co-founder and creator of the five-star rated SoCo Escape Room.

LORIEN LINDSTROM (Props/Costumes) has designed costumes, hats and artwork for the past decade. As a child, she took part in the Younger Generation Players theater group. Lorien has created pieces for many small productions: woodwork, painting, clothing, makeup, props and hair. She feels most drawn to fantasy and cosplay. Lorien is also a director for Wild and Free Foundation, working to engage and uplift communities affected by poaching, as well as protect wildlife.

MELISSA O’REAR (Writer/Director) founded Theatre Across Borders in 2020. Melissa teaches Creative Dramatics at The Colorado Springs School. A grad of NYU and Lawrence University, she has worked locally with Millibo Art Theatre, the Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale, Stars & Moon Music Theatre, Theatreworks summer camps, the Fine Arts Center Theatre Company, Counterweight Theatre Lab, and the Colorado Springs Conservatory. Melissa has a passion for arts integration, which she teaches to aspiring elementary school teachers at UCCS. Thank you to her husband, Stephen, for helping her chase her dreams!

We couldn’t have staged “Magic of the Marsh” without the help of:
Friends of El Paso County Nature Centers
Nancy Bernard
Mary Jo Lewis
Nick Izzo
Artists Anonymous
Erik Lindstrom
Jennifer Mulson at The Gazette
G. Connor Salter at Fountain Valley News
Rhonda Van Pelt at Pikes Peak Bulletin
Keith Simon at KCME
Bridgett Harris at Colorado Springs Indy
Alex O’Brien at KOAA News 5
Hunter-Wolff Gallery
Our Families and Friends, for Attending Dress Rehearsal
Bryan, Liz and Derek Law

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